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Why PCSD is expected to be $3.3M over budget for FY 2022-23

Breaking down the numbers
Posted at 6:31 PM, Jul 13, 2023

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — The Pima County Sheriff's Department is expected to be around $3.3 million over budget for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year.

That ended in June, and the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted in two different meetings to fully cover the overage.

The sheriff's department expects to be over budget in the following big-ticket areas, according to a memo from the Pima County Administrator, and PCSD:

  • Overtime
  • Food supplies
  • Law enforcement supplies
  • Repair & maintenance
  • Fuel & oil costs
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Medical & lab supplies

The department is budgeted for $1,798,356 in overtime for FY 2022-23, however, the department expects to overshoot that budget by $7,871,644.

Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos told KGUN9 that's because the department is understaffed, but they still need to work those positions because lives are on the line, whether that's jail staff watching over inmates and bringing them food or deputies responding to 911 calls.

That overtime is offset by an estimated $7,573,985 from vacant positions, but overtime is costing more money, and morale.

"There is no good overtime," Sheriff Nanos said. "Forcing people to work late — making them come into work and knowing they can't get off at their scheduled hour and they got to stay another shift is not good."

Food supplies
Food supplies are estimated to be $400,000 over the budgeted $3,000,000.

That is primarily because of inflation, which has driven up the cost of food.


Law enforcement supplies

Law enforcement supplies are expected to be $400,000 over the budgeted $650,000.

Those supplies include equipment for new deputies and to restock current inventory.

PCSD spent $158,000 on new ammunition, $157,000 for gas masks, $331,000 for tools that officers where on their person, and $73,000 for riot helmet replacements.

Repair & Maintenance supplies
The department estimates it is $283,000 over the budgeted $766,111.

This includes maintenance for buildings and equipment. The county jail alone cost the department nearly $600,000 for supplies for plumbing and toilets, HVAC, windows, and locks.

The department also spent $83,000 for patrol car bumpers, and $150,000 for aircraft maintenance.

Fuel & Oil costs
PCSD estimates it is $194,000 over budget for fuel and oil.

The county administrator wrote in a memo: "The cost of jet fuel has risen significantly to support the existing and new aircraft that are now in service."

Janitorial Supplies - $160,000 over
Janitorial supplies are estimated $160,000 over the budgeted $555,000.

This includes supplies for inmates at the county jail. Including things like bedding, uniforms and clothing, soaps, and hygiene products.

Inflation has driven up the cost of these kinds of supplies.

Medical & Lab supplies
Estimated $125,000 over budget.

Inflation has also driven up the cost to support inmates, with items like latex gloves, face masks, first aid and other medical supplies.

The county administrator wrote the jail is still managing the effects of COVID.

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