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Vigil held for George Floyd in Tucson

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jun 01, 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. — A small group gathered after the initial demonstration, but for the most part it was a peaceful protest of police brutality and an event to honor the memory of George Floyd in Tucson.

Hundreds gathered at the parking lot of the Dunbar Academy.

The gathering heard multiple speakers talking on issues of race, law enforcement and the interaction between the two, and honoring the life of George Floyd, among them Jeneen Hill.

"I can look out on this audience and I see faces of people who since I've been in Tucson these last six months have loved on me like a sister but at the same time I'm afraid of them," Hill said.

She addressed the gathering as a concerned mother.

"My sons, I have three, 24, 19 and 17 year olds getting ready to go off in the Army where I think he'll be safer than walking the streets in America because the police are trying to kill my babies," Hill said.

"This country has been trying to tell us that are boys are poison, that our boys are bad."

The crowd was large, very supportive of the message and compliant with the law.

Everyone left the area before a statewide curfew of 8 P.M. ordered by Governor Doug Ducey last Sunday.

Hill summed up the group's message left in the wake of this gathering.

"We are humans! Treat like such!"