Veteran gets life-changing housing grant thanks to Representative Martha McSally

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - A veteran gets a handicap accessible home thanks to the help of Representative Martha McSally's office.

Marco DeLeon served as a Sergeant in the Arizona Army National Guard from 2007-2014.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2009, Marco and his unit were patrolling and encountered two IEDs.

The explosion left him with a spinal cord injury and years later, loss of feeling in both his legs.

"That was the most difficult part because the transition is always the hardest," he said. 

DeLeon is wheelchair-bound in a home that has a dozen stairs and small spaces. 

"I have high anxiety because this reminds me every day you know, 'Wow, I could not be here.' This is something I have to deal with and it's completely different because I had the ability to do everything everybody else did so now it's completely changed," he said. 

He and his wife Diane applied or a Special Adaptive Housing Grant from the VA totaling $72,000. 

After a year of not hearing back, he says he turned to Representative Martha McSally's office for help. 

In no time, their application was approved and they moved into their new handicapped-accessible home Friday. 

The house features lower countertops, a roll in shower, and wide doors. 

"Just to see that he now can have a home that is a benefit  that he deserved after he made the sacrifices for us and the fact he was dealing with a bureaucracy and we were able to break through that bureaucracy for him," said McSally. "If you are having an issue with any federal agency like the VA, the IRS, social security, we have full-time case workers in our offices that you can come to us if you are dealing with up against a brick wall and you are not getting the answers or it's taking too long you can come to us."

"It's going to make a huge difference in just me," said DeLeon. 

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