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Vail schools will not require masks when students return in July

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Posted at 9:39 PM, Jun 08, 2021

VAIL, Ariz. (KGUN) — The Vail School District Board voted Tuesday to no longer require face masks when students return to school in July.

The unanimous vote was followed by applause from the audience filled with more than 50 people.

Before the vote, 14 parents and students addressed the board telling them it was time to ditch the mask.

Although the vote went in their favor, one Vail parent told KGUN 9 it's bittersweet.

“We appreciate they lifted the mask mandate, but only after what? A year and half of begging and pleading with them to not do this to our kids or to us or to the staff even? This is about the entire community,” said Anastasia Tsatsakis.

Tsatsakis said while she recognizes not all parents may agree with her she says she represents those who don't think masks are necessary.

She said the board also owes parents an apology after more than a year of mandates and a meeting that didn't go as planned at the end of April.

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“For everything, they have caused our children and the stress they have caused this entire community," she said.

For those reasons and more a visible recall effort of a board member was happening at the board meeting.

“We have been just fed up, trampled on long enough, and lied to so many times,” explained Carrie Liebich, a Vail parent.

No one in attendance asked the board to keep the mandate during the call to the public.

VUSD Superintendent John Carruth added there will be no discussion of vaccines. He said that is the parent's choice.

Vail schools will be back in session on July 19.

To watch the meeting, click here.