U.S. CBP agent shares experience rescuing Hurricane Harvey victims

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - Multiple U.S. Customs and Border Protection sectors are assisting with rescues in Texas.

About 70 U.S. CBP agents and Air and Marine Operations aircrew members from Tucson are rescuing victims of Hurricane Harvey non-stop since arriving in Texas over the weekend.

Agent Alexander Zamora says they have hoisted more than 300 people so far.

"We are looking on the ground, in the water, on the roof, and people are on the roofs just waving shirts, they are waving their arms, there is no short amount of people in distress so we have a lot of work," he said.

Zamora tells KGUN9 people being rescued are exhausted, show no emotion, and some mouthing "thank you," while most are quiet during the ride to safety.

"These crews are really working on very little sleep, we are not always going and landing in places where we have a lot of food for us to eat so we are almost doing the same thing people here in Houston are doing. We are living off power bars, chips, water, we are doing whatever we can to be honest none of the crews have complained," he said.

He says agents are motivated and driven-- not looking to go home anytime soon. 

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