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UA reduces tuition for active-duty undergrads

Posted at 4:59 PM, Sep 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-23 01:14:32-04

Some positive news in education, those full-time in the military are now eligible to get a free-ride at the University of Arizona.

UA has close to 100 active-military students that qualify for this reduced tuition.

"It's our recognition that we want to provide some support to our service members who are serving our country and to be able to support them beyond their service as they seek to transition out of the military," said Joshua Steele, Senior Director, Arizona Online

Currently deployed in the navy, 2nd Class Petty Officer, Jenele McLean was ecstatic when she got an email about her tuition change.

"I was extremely happy. Like, I was too happy. I couldn't believe it. I replied to her email maybe four or five times telling her how grateful I am," said McLean.

McLean is a first-year transfer student from Georgia State. She is studying online while actively deployed; and right now, she is in Hawaii.

"I have my job and I have to stand watches. You can't do school work while you're on watch, plus you still have to try to get sleep in. So, its been pretty tough," said McLean.

McLean said UA's reduced tuition takes a huge burden off her shoulders.

Here is how the free-ride for online tuition breaks down: Tuition at UA for active-duty members cost $500 per credit hour. The Department of Defense covers costs up to $250 per credit hour, and UA's newly reduced tuition is now $250 per credit hour -- making tuition free.

"So now what the University of Arizona is saying, is that if you are an active-duty military member, that $250 that you get reimbursed per credit -- that is your total tuition cost at the University of Arizona," said Steele.

Steele explained that now active-duty students are no longer faced with trying to make up that gap in difference. And McLean can receive her degree in public health free of charge.

"I was honestly worried about the loans I was going to have after I get done with my schooling and everything. So to know that, I am in a better position financially. We have Internet Explorer, its not like I have Mozilla Firefox or anything. I'm not able to download anything because , of course these are government computers.

For more information on active-duty military tuition assistance, email