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TUSD superintendent's future could be in question

Posted at 10:24 PM, Feb 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-14 13:38:43-05

Board members are telling KGUN9 Rachael Sedgwick's sudden request is a very unusual move. 

Kristel Foster posted on her Facebook page that the new TUSD board member wants to fire the superintendent and lawyer, who is Todd Jaeger.
Below is part of Foster's post:
"Our new board member wants to fire our superintendent and our lawyer, voila! with no due process, no just cause. This is insane. This is serious. This will bring more lawsuits than you can even imagine. Tucson, you must show up and demand responsible leadership from the elected officials who preside over your public schools."
KGUN9 reached out to Foster. She says she's assuming Sedwick wants to fire both Sanchez and Jaeger after hearing Sedwick recently got into an argument with the two men during a meeting.
KGUN9 also reached out to board president Michael Hicks. He says Sedgwick asked him to put the discussion or consideration of their employment on Tuesday's board agenda.
First, there would be a discussion in executive session then a possible vote during the public meeting. Hicks KGUN9 he will only consider firing Sanchez if there's just cause if that's what's being considered.
Sedgwick has not responded to KGUN9's inquiry.

Board member Kristel Foster's full Facebook post is below: