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TUSD principal accused of illegally changing grades is retiring

Less than a week after Superintendent resigns
Posted at 5:55 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 20:45:29-05
Another TUSD administrator is leaving the district less than a week after H.T. Sanchez resigned. Pueblo High School principal Auggie Romero is retiring at the end of the school year. He's been the center of the illegal grade-changing controversy and pending state probe.
Shortly after graduation last school year Yolanda Sotelo, a highly qualified English teacher, came to KGUN9 claiming Auggie Romero changed the grades of 6 Pueblo High School students without her permission -- a violation of state law and district policy. "This is something that has never happened before in my 31 years as a teacher," said Sotelo.
She said 6 seniors failed her English course, but Romero changed the grades to D's allowing them to walk with the rest of seniors graduation night. Romero admitted to changing the grades. He wrote on social media that 
After our investigation aired, Superintendent Sanchez explained to the Governing Board that "Romero consulted his supervisor Abel Morado for guidance. There is nothing. The principal acted within his authority." But state statute clearly states teachers are solely responsible for passing or failing students and only a Governing Board can overturn a grade.
Board president Michael Hicks and Sotelo filed a complaint with the Arizona Department of Education. 4 months later, an email shows TUSD asked the Deconcini Law Firm to investigate, but no information is being released to the public.
Hicks said this last week about the grade changing allegations. "I have a grave issue with that. Not knowing exactly what has transpired in that. I do want to look into that," said Hicks.
Since Sanchez's exit from the district -- these administrators have given notice they're leaving the district at the end of the fiscal year.
The Chief Financial Officer Karla Soto | Retire
Human Resources Director Anna Maiden | Resign
Pueblo H.S. principal Auggie Romero | Retire
KGUN9 reached out to TUSD to find out why Romero is retiring and for a response. Efforts are being made, but haven't gotten a response yet. We reached out to the Arizona Department of Education and still no information on its investigation can be released.