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Tucson woman's iPhone 7 catches fire

Posted at 6:14 PM, Feb 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-24 20:14:34-05

An 18-year-old Tucson woman is searching for answers after her iPhone 7 Plus caught fire on Wednesday. 

Brianna Olivas told KGUN9-TV that on Tuesday night she plugged put her phone on her nightstand. 

The following morning, her boyfriend unplugged her phone and put it on a dresser. 

While the boyfriend was in the bathroom he noticed that Olivas' phone started smoking and making abnormal noises. 

"A high pitched noise -- then all of a sudden like a pop," her boyfriend Jesse Vazquez said. "And then just the flames went up and then slurped back in"

The two then somehow grabbed the phone and placed it in the bathroom.

"The phone was smoking," Olivas said. "So when he went to grab the phone, it had caught fire."

After the phone cooled down, they took the phone to Sprint store on Oracle Road. 

Associates then directed Olivas to take her phone to the Apple Store. 

Workers at the Apple Store told her they had never seen an incident like this happen before. 

They immediately gave her a new iPhone 7 Plus and advised Olivas that they would run tests on the damaged phone. 

Apple provided KGUN9-TV with the following statement on the incident:

"Customer safety is very important. We're in touch with the customer and are looking into it."

Olivas said her phone was very new -- she got it last month. 

"No water damage, it wasn't cracked," she said. "I hadn't dropped it -- you know, I had just gotten it."

The day before, she was having problems with the phone. It was turning on and off, wouldn't start up, so she took it to get fixed at the Sprint store. They were able to solve the problem that day -- but the next day, her phone burst into flames.

Olivas was surprised with what had happened -- and would like to know why her phone suddenly caught on fire.

"I've never had problems with Apple in the past, you know," she said. "The only thing is -- I don't sleep next to my phone anymore, ever since that happened."