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Tucson council member in works to create ordinance against Trump's border wall

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-01 00:52:56-04

Community leaders from nearly 35 cities from across the country attended a conference in New York this week to discuss sanctuary cities.

Council Member Regina Romero attended the first-ever conference to share resources and policies other cities are using to deal with federal immigration enforcement.

"We are not alone," she said. "The city of Tucson is not alone in this country in taking a stance against the Trump administration and their anti-immigrant policies."

Although Tucson is an "immigrant welcoming city," it's not a sanctuary city.

"It is about human rights, it's about taking a stance against bullying from the Trump administration," Romero explained. "I came back knowing that there are other cities and counties in the country that are ready to fight in court against the Trump policies."

Romero plans to assess Tucson's court system and see what policies can be made to protect every Tucson resident.

"If we are following the same policy that mayor and council have given direction on to protect residents and make residents feel safe that we as a city are not going to call ICE or border patrol on any of our residents," she said.

Another step Romero wants to make is to push for an ordinance against the border wall. 

"Walls don't keep people out, it affects communities, it affects human beings and it affects our environment and I would hope that my colleges on the mayor and council will take a stance against the billions of dollars if waste in building a wall and take a stand against it," she explained. 

Romero says she plans to move forward and use her new resources to create policies to help protect every Tucson resident.