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Tucson City Council throws a red flag on a new University development

Posted at 6:08 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 21:21:09-04

The City of Tucson is ready to battle the University of Arizona amid concerns of a new development near campus. 

The University plans on building a new 1,000-bed dorm building but the Tucson City council says not so fast. 

The city argues that they want to put the University on notice that they believe the development needs to go through the public rezoning process. 

The location for the building would be on Park Avenue - between East Drachman and Mabel Streets. 

While the the corner lot is empty - many residents are surrounding the property. 

"The public has a chance to speak in front of a zoning examiner and the result of the process is that a rezoning will be approved or denied." says Steve Kozachik, City Councilman. "If it's approved it will be approved with conditions and that would be the size, the density, the massing and everything that goes into building a large structure like this in the middle of a residential area."

John Sadlousklos has lived in the area for more than 62 years and he says while you can't stop the process, "most of the area people thought that we should go through rezoning."

University spokesman, Chris Sigurdson says the University continues to work with the neighborhood association and homeowners to describe the project and build the Honors College Residence Hall. 

They say, "Moving forward we certainly would work in close cooperation with the city and the residents and comply with all applicable laws."

Steve Kozachik says zoning laws are put in place so developments happen in an orderly and predictable manner.