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Trump's previous speeches in Arizona hint on focus of Prescott address

Posted at 10:20 AM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 13:20:30-04
As Trump is set to address a large crowd in Prescott, still no word about what his message will focus on. His previous visits have been contentious. 
During his five previous visits, Trump has focused primarily on  illegal immigration and how he will stop it. That has led many to believe he will also stick to that plan today. When he last visited Arizona in August, he made one of his most memorable speeches on the topic.
At a rally in Phoenix, Trump outlined his now-famous 10-point plan that included his signature issues such as a border wall built at Mexico's expense and blocking funding to so-called "sanctuary cities". Trump said his plan would not only curb illegal immigration, but also help decrease crime, border crossings and welfare recipients, resulting in money  that could be spent on rebuilding America.
In March, Trump visited Tucson, here he addressed a crowd of about five-thousand. His speech at that time also focused on the border issue and healthcare. Trump said he would get rid of ObamaCare and replace it with something better. The rally had repeated interruptions from protesters, and an incident in which a member of the crowd punched and kicked a protester.
In December, he held a rally in Mesa, before he clinched the GOP nomination. His speech was focused on attacks aimed at Jeb Bush.
While visiting other cities in Arizona, Trump has also talked about re-negotiating a trade deal with Iran. He has also told supporters he will unify the country and invest more heavily in programs that help military veterans