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Trump supporters car vandalized

Posted at 10:16 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 12:45:44-05
A pair of local Donald Trump supporters had their car struck by vandals on election night. Tucson Police is looking for someone who threw rocks at their car. Their windows were smashed, and they found graffiti on their mailbox. The couple says they were targeted because they support Donald Trump.
Cheryl and Chris Kiener's east side home sports Trump campaign signs in their yard and bumper stickers on their car. They were watching election coverage on Tuesday night when this happened:
"All of a sudden we heard a loud boom or a pop and somebody yelled F-Trump," said Cheryl. 
They ran outside to find their car windows smashed in and glass scattered on the ground. 
"Busted window, busted windshield," said Cheryl. "They attempted to bust the back of the Blazer and they attempted to bust the back of my car as well."
"This window is where one rock hit, and there was one rock sitting right here on the driveway. There was a rock that ended up right here. We're not sure if it was from somebody throwing it at this window here and it bouncing off," said Chris.
The letters F-D-T were also written on their mailbox. The vandalism on their property shows just how controversial this election has become. '
"It really does make me sad in this environment, you know? We are in America and we should be able to vote for whoever we want," said Cheryl. "We should be able to support whichever candidate we feel fit. And for somebody to destroy somebody else's property because of that is just beyond belief to me that somebody would do something like that."
The estimated damage is about $1,200. They filed a report with Tucson Police. If you have any information call 88-CRIME.