"Tripod," the three-legged tortoise has found his forever home

PHOENIX (KGUN9-TV) - "Tripod," the three-legged desert tortoise has found his forever home, but there are still 50 other tortoises ready for adoption.

After facing a dog attack, "Tripod," had to have his leg amputated at the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital. Since the surgery, he recovered at the Arizona Game and Fish Department Wildlife Center and has been adopted.

"Desert tortoises offer a unique alternative to more traditional family pets and can teach many of the same life lessons to children, including responsibility, compassion, and commitment. Contrary to many assumptions, desert tortoises can be interactive and provide companionship without as many demands as a cat or dog," according to a press release from Arizona Game and Fish.

The 50 tortoises eligible for adoption are various ages and sizes.

Those looking to adopt one of these desert tortoises should have a securely enclosed yard or a separate enclosure designated for the animal. Unfenced pools, dogs, and fire pits are potential hazards for these desert tortoises.

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