Tombstone named "America's Second Amendment City"

TOMBSTONE, Ariz. (KGUN9-TV) - During a Tombstone city council meeting Tuesday night, Mayor Dusty Escapule proclaimed the city as "America's Second Amendment City" and it passed unanimously. 

Escapule says the second amendment was a big part of the Old West and a key factor in forming Tombstone in the 1800s.

He hopes this shows the country his appreciation for the second amendment. 

"The citizens are custom to having firearms on them because if you look up and down the street most of them are carrying a gun but it's one of the things that the citizens know it is very important for our existence and that is what America is all about," he said.

Escapule explains that this title is not changing the gun ordinance, it is just showing support for the second amendment.

"We understand that weapons are used in a certain manner," he said. "If you don't use them properly somebody can and will get hurt, but at the same time Tombstone has been surviving for years and years with weapons."

The mayor hopes other mayors in Arizona step up and proclaim their city as a second amendment city. 



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