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Three unsolved murders, 3 mothers want answers

Posted at 6:20 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 21:20:37-04
Three different murders that took the lives of two sons and a daughter, and all three cases have come to a stand still. 
9OYS is bringing these cases back into the public eye as three mothers continue to look for answers, hoping that someone will come forward. 
"It just takes over your thoughts, your mind, your heart," said Valerie Calonge, whose daughter Maribel Gonzales was killed in June 2014.
Since their daughter's murder, Calonge and Avrian Gonzales say they've been consumed with thoughts about her killer. 
"It's hard to sleep at night when you know there's someone out there that could hurt somebody else and is that awful, that evil," said Calonge.
Deputies found 13-year-old Maribel Gonzales' body on June 6, 2014 after someone reported suspicious activity in the area of Trico and Avra Valley roads. Her family last saw her three days before that and had called police when she didn't return home.
Her parents say detectives had a few leads at the beginning, but nothing panned out. 
"Somebody knows something," said Calonge. "I know, I know that."
Maribel's murder happened only six months after her mother was run over with a car and left for dead by Michael Leday. Leday was later found guilty and sentenced to more than 57 years in prison.
But Calonge says it was hard to be around for her daughter while focusing on her recovery. 
"I wish she was here to see it," said Calonge. "I miss her so much, it's very hard."
Detectives in Maribel's case released a photo showing a necklace the 13-year-old was wearing when they found her. The necklace is an anchor with small rhinestones. It's something that could be significant according to authorities because her family doesn't recognize it.
Maribel's parents say even the smallest piece of information could help
"They shouldn't be walking around, acting like they didn't do anything and like they got away with it because she was a beautiful little girl that was loved by a lot of people." 
Two other unrelated murder cases took the lives of Jesse Morgan and Tomas Tovar. Jesse Morgan's killer shot him at the Vista del Pueblo park almost exactly five years ago. 
"My son was 24 years old when he was murdered," said his mother Vicki Morgan. 
Vicki Morgan says her son had gotten into an argument with his wife at a nearby residence. He walked over to the park and his body was later found by someone riding a bike. She says a couple of tips came in through 88-CRIME at the beginning but nothing led to his killer.
"I want justice for my son and I thought anybody that knows anything would speak up and maybe have a conscience or a heart to know that I need justice for my son, I need some peace," said Vicki Morgan.
She says even after five years, she still hopes her son will walk through the door. 
"I think about my son from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed," she said. "Every single day."
She says her son was turning his life around, going to school at Pima Community College and he had custody of his two young children. 
"He changed a lot, he was doing good," said Vicki Morgan. 
Tovar was killed two years ago in a Food City parking lot near Campbell and Irvington. 
"He kept telling them you know, 'take me to the hospital, I'm dying, I'm dying," said his mother Tovar Salazar.
Salazar says her son also had a son and took care of the entire family. 
"Anyone that was hurting, he always stood up for people that needed help, he was always around for what we needed," said Salazar.
And she has a message for his killer. 
"You are going to find yourself alone and in need and if anybody, he would have helped you," she said. 
Both Salazar and Vicki Morgan say they are now hoping for even the smallest piece of information. 
"Please anybody that knows anything, have a heart, help me," said Vicki Morgan. 
In all three cases, anyone with information can report it anonymously to police by calling 88-CRIME. All three cases carry cash rewards as well for information that leads police to a suspect. 
Maribel Gonzales' case is being investigated by the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Morgan and Tovar's cases are being investigated by the Tucson Police Department.