Thousands march through Tucson for racial unity

Thousands of people took to the Tucson streets Sunday evening. They all have different backgrounds and different stories, but they marched together, united, with one voice.

Gotta be more than a thousand people here being escorted through #Tucson, speaking out against hate & racism #Charlottesville @KGUN9

— Max Darrow (@MaxDarrowTV) August 14, 2017
"We need to respect and support all groups of individuals, making sure that all rights are respected," Bryan Carter said.
People came out for different reasons. Some who've experienced discrimination, others who've lived through the Civil Rights Era in the 1960s, like Mary Pat Carothers.
"I was born in the sixties," she said. "I kind of thought we worked most of this out before I was old. And it seems like a lot of America has forgotten."
The protesters marched from Hotel Congress down 4th Ave. by the Rainbow Crosswalk, then by the Islamic Center, and ended up at the Hillel Center at the U of A. The point, to show love and support for members of the community, regardless of the color of their skin, cultural traditions, sexual orientations, and religions.
But despite a peaceful afternoon, some people were still heckled by onlookers, like 14-year-old Valerie Ray.
"It made me feel disappointed in our country and the older people," Ray said. "That I'm more acknowledging about the problems of our country and everything, and they're just so in denial about everything."
The racism, the hate, the discrimination, many say it's not just in Charlottesville: it's embedded in the culture across America. People like Spencer Gantt say they are sick of it, and it's time to change it.
"It's 2017, Gantt said. "We shouldn't have that happen. It's ridiculous."
But instead of using violence, this group preached peace, and for all to unite together as one common people.
"I think that people will listen if you don't necessarily resort to violence," Carter said. "Because that's what the other side wants you to do."

Marchers half way through the demonstration. Take a look at how many people have packed here, and many more out of the frame @kgun9

— Max Darrow (@MaxDarrowTV) August 14, 2017
Seeing so many different people together with one voice is a step in the right direction, according to Madison Ray.
"People are realizing that this ridiculous hatred for certain, specific people -- it makes me happy -- because people are getting it," she said. "Now they're finally getting it."
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