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Use this built in iPhone app to help save your life in an emergency

Posted at 9:57 AM, Jun 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-10 13:23:06-04
Do you use Medical ID? It's a feature built into your iPhone's Health app, and it could help save your life if you can't communicate in an emergency.
It starts with you inputting your name, a photo, any medical conditions, allergies and an emergency contact. There are other fields you can fill out as well, but those are the minimum few that TFD recommends. It takes no more than a few minutes, and it gives first responders access to all of that important medical information if you are unconscious-even while your phone is locked.
"Accidents happen everywhere and in today's world with the technology we have, if we can take the file for life and attach that on your phone then that's best case scenario for the first responders," said Tucson Fire Department Captain Barrett Baker.
First responders can see all of that information with just three taps on your screen. The Tucson Fire Department says filling out your Medical ID allows first responders to adapt and change their treatment especially if you're allergic to medications, have a heart condition, or are diabetic. But, you aren't required to list anything you don't want to.
"Anything that you want to put in there, you may," said Baker. "If you're not comfortable putting something in there, then you don't have to do that."
TFD says some patients have been concerned about security because someone could potentially see your personal medical information if your phone is stolen. While this is true, TFD said taking this small risk is worth it.
If your iPhone isn't able to run IOS 8, or if you have another brand of smartphone, consider adding "In Case of Emergency" contacts to your phone's "favorites" list, or use a lock screen wallpaper image to display your important medical info.