The Salvation Army kicks off heat relief program on the hottest day of the year

TUCSON, Ariz. - Lots of people stayed inside this afternoon, some are powering through the heat, choosing to spend the day outdoors. But others don't have an option.

Summer in Tucson can be long and lethal. Especially for those who cant escape the heat. "When you're on the streets, you need all the help you can get," Adam McFadyn said. He was homeless for several years, he spent many nights sleeping in city parks. "I didn't sleep in the park when it was this hot. I wasn't that unlucky, it was winter when I was sleeping," he added. Now Mcfadyn lives in the Salvation Army Hospitality House, but he still understands the struggle of bearing triple digit temperatures. That's why he says drinking water is crucial. But, he understands for many living in parks, water is scarce. 

That's where The Salvation Army comes in. Volunteers kicked off Operation Chillout on he hottest day of the year so far. They handed out free water bottles at some city parks. They hand out at least 20 water cases a day throughout summer. The Salvation Army will initiate Operation Chill Out when the National Weather Service forecasts a temperature of 102 degrees or above.

 The Salvation Army is always accepting donations. 

Here's  a list of items you can donate:

  • chapstick
  •  clothes
  •  sun screen
  • hats
  • sunglasses

Donations can be dropped off at:

  • The Salvation Army Hospitality House (1002 N. Main Ave)

Cash donations can be donated at:

  • Every Albertsons or Safeway store
  • Every Naughton's Plumbing location.

Monetary donations can also be made by calling 520-622-5411, or online.

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