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The empire known as Amazon

Posted at 1:04 PM, Feb 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 07:40:31-05

Is Amazon about to take over the world? The world, maybe not. But retail sales? That could be another story.

Amazon is everywhere, including Arizona.
For Tucson job-seekers willing to move up I-10, a trip to Phoenix might be worth it.
KGUN 9 got a good look at the Amazon empire just up the road.
The size of this Amazon plant in Phoenix is mind-boggling.
"So this building is over 1.25 million square feet, which when you think about, it is the size of 28 NFL football fields," said Ashley Robinson with Amazon.
And this is just one of four fulfillment centers in Phoenix that employ more than 6,500 employees.
Full-time, hourly employees earn 30% higher than the national retail average. 
On day one, they receive comprehensive benefits: medical, dental, vision, 401K, with performance-based bonuses.
After one-year, full-time hourly employees become eligible to have Amazon pay 95% of their continuing education, whether it's related to Amazon or not.
KGUN 9 found employees and technology in a constant state of movement, with products coming in, and products moving out.
Ever been curious how packages are stored inside the facility? Take a look.
Just how big is Amazon?  On the Monday before Christmas, Amazon accounted for 50 percent of all online sales.
"This year over the holiday shopping season, the hottest item was Amazon Echo," said Robinson. "I ask it what the weather's going to be like."
And then there are the drones.
"We made our first drone delivery in the UK," said Robinson.
A drone delivery in Cambridge, England in December took all of 13 minutes from order placement to arrival on the customer's lawn.
This week in the U.S., Amazon announced it's going to build a 1.4 billion dollar drone delivery hub in Hebron, Kentucky, which will serve as a home for 40 Amazon Prime Air cargo planes.
In the meantime, Amazon Prime guarantees a package in your hands within two days, but from all indications, that time is going to shrink exponentially in the not-too-distant future.