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The 'coolest' job in town? Making ice sculptures

Posted at 10:27 PM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-22 01:39:51-04

Sam Agrawal has one of the coolest jobs in town -- literally.

He owns Arizona Ice Art. And on the unbearably hot summer days, he's unfazed. Because his work takes him inside a freezer, where it's a chilling 20 degrees!

That's about a 90 degree difference from Wednesday's outside temperature.

"You get to cool off, but it gets too cold in the freezer, so we actually then have to walk out to warm up," Agrawal said. "Which is the polar opposite because people from the outside run indoors to cool down, and we actually come out to heat up, because it's too cold."

But carving ice when it's so hot outside can be tricky. On days with temps above 75 degrees, artists do most of the work from inside the freezer.

"When we bring ice out here, we have to let it temper before we try to cut it or chisel it," Agrawal said. "Otherwise, it will crack from the shock. Because it's just so frozen, and then we suddenly, bring it out into the heat."

Agrawal usually leaves the carving up to the artists, but while KGUN9 was at Arizona Ice Art, he showed us how it's done.

He drew a template and grabbed a drill. Before you know it, ice is flying.

The finished product -- the number 9 for KGUN9.