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Sunnyside High School getting a golf complex is a hole in one

Posted at 7:23 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-24 22:36:49-04

Sunnyside Unified School District will use voter approved bond funds to build a golf complex at Sunnyside High School.

The golf complex will cost $99,000 out of the $10 million set aside for the school district's athletic funds. 


"This really isn't about a project for a few kids, this is about a project for all the kids in our district to expose them to something they have never had a chance to do," said Mary Veres, SUSD's Public Information Officer. 

The golf team currently has to bus 30 minutes to and from a golf course to practice every day.

By having this golf facility located on the school's sports field, this will allow the district to cut down on transportation costs. 

The golf coach says this complex will save the district about $60,000. 

"If we get one kid in the next 15 years that gets to college because of golf, it pays for itself," said Orlando Rodriquez, the Sunnyside High School's golf coach.

The coach said that this the first high school in Arizona to get a golf complex located on campus. 

The golf complex is scheduled to be completed in October and will be open to all students in SUSD. 

The district says that they want to see how popular this golf course is before they talk about opening it up to the public for use.