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Stolen dog will reunite with owner

Posted at 6:57 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 20:57:20-05

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - For more than three months, Jaylene Comstock thought her 2-year-old dog Cooper was missing. 

"I've been so depressed looking for him," she said. 
Comstock, who lives in Nampa, Idaho says she came home from work one day and Cooper was gone. 
"I put up flyers all over town, I rode my bike around and around calling him, I followed up every lead, people thought they saw him," she said. 
Then about a week ago, she says she got a tip: a woman in Tucson had Cooper. She called Tucson Police who responded to the house with Pima Animal Care. They scanned Cooper's microchip, confirming that he belonged to Comstock.  
"I'm telling you here and now if it wasn't for that chip, I'd never see my baby again," said Comstock. 
Jennifer Neustadter is the licensing supervisor at PACC and made the arrangements to fly Cooper back home to Idaho Wednesday morning. 
"It's just really special to me," said Neustadter. "I have a lot of animals myself and I know how much it means to have your pet, it's part of your family."
It's unclear if the woman who stole Cooper will face any charges. Comstock says the woman is a friend of hers who was staying with her in Idaho for a few days. The woman had previously told Comstock she had no idea where Cooper could be. 
Comstock says all that matters now is that Cooper is coming home. She says she already has a party planned with family and friends to celebrate his return. 
But before Comstock could see Cooper again, she had a request 
"If [Neustadter] could call me back with Cooper there so I could talk to him and he could hear my voice," said Comstock. 
9OYS was there when that phone call happened. After talking with Cooper for a few minutes, Comstock wanted to say something to Neustadter. 
"Thank you so much, thank you for taking care of him," she said.