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Stimulus money and unclaimed cash waiting for you

Posted at 6:44 AM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 09:44:10-04

Stimulus money is expected to arrive in bank accounts this week.

My producer saw her $2,400 pending in her account. That's the amount couples filing jointly will get if they qualify and have an adjusted gross income up to $150,000. They get decreasing amounts with incomes up to $198,000.

For singles, it's $1,200 in stimulus money with adjusted gross incomes up to $75,000 and lesser amounts up to $99,000.

So do you have to pay the money back? An email going around says "tack on this recovery rebate to taxes owed."

But the Internal Revenue Service says that's not true. You don't have to pay it back nor will the money be taxed.

But if it isn't enough, the state is holding money and you may qualify for it right now.

The Arizona Department of Revenue's unclaimed money program has $1.5 billion in it being held for past and present residents.

The Department's Ed Greenberg says the money was turned over to the state from old bank accounts, forgotten security deposit boxes and more.

And because it's the department's job to help track down owners, they have given us the names of 30 people who have money to claim right now.

These are people who have money waiting:

Enid Smith, Phoenix

Josephine Mason, Phoenix

Jimmie Cortham, Phoenix

Mary Floyd, Phoenix

Bub Ellan Schurgin, Phoenix

Isabel Fernandez, Phoenix

Minnie Lee and James P. McGaffigan, Phoenix

June R. Straus Weyell, Phoenix

Herbert W. Jackson, Phoenix

Minna T. Molenrich, Phoenix

Joseph Runfoli, Phoenix

Scotty Landrum, Phoenix

Duan L. Campbell, Phoenix

Leo J. Schilling, Phoenix

Marcy Thornbrugh, Phoenix

John T. Quimby, Phoenix

Bette J. Brown, Phoenix

Chas L. Nafziger, Chandler

Florence M. Eicher, Mesa

Betty J. or William R. Putnam, Mesa

Martin Mannix, Peoria

Martha B Clifford, Scottsdale

Donald Reed, Scottsdale

Carol Ann or Roger D. Beck, Scottsdale

Richard Hancock, Scottsdale

Cecil J. Hernandez, Scottsdale

Alex F. and Theresa A. Kellerman, Tempe

Nayil Al-Harithy, Tempe

Clara M. Temple, Tucson

Frank Saunders, Tucson

Violet M. Olson, Tucson

If the person has passed, family members can also file a claim and will go through a qualifying process.

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