Stackable shipping container homes coming to Tucson

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - They say home is where the heart is, but could you love living in a storage unit?

A couple of local developers want to build a community of stackable homes made from storage units.

Ryan Egan and Janelle Briggs are the partners working to bring a condo building unlike any other to Tucson. 

"We want people to be able to buy a home they can afford and live a life that is both comfortable and fun and within their means."

Egan and Briggs are the masterminds behind the design for the Stackhouse community.

A community of tiny homes made from shipping containers.

"We considered a mobile home or modular home concept to start with, but we wanted something that when you invest in it, it can follow you for actually your entire life."

Egan and Briggs have developed the idea over several years. They say they are now closing in on a land deal that would put the first Stackhouse near downtown Tucson. 

"Our goal is to provide attainable housing, affordable housing."

The entire project, from the foundation to the crane which lifts homes into place, is their original and patent pending design. 

A separate company will make the homes.

Stackhouse will lease the space, utilities included, for around 800 dollars a month.

They hope to have locations in cities around the country allowing people to trade their spaces with other Stackhouse members.

"We want to be able to move, see different places, travel the U.S., go overseas and we really see Stackhouse as being an international conduit for travel and experiencing life."

They hope to break ground by early next year. 

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