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Speedway and Beverly a pedestrian trap

Posted at 10:32 PM, Mar 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-24 01:35:51-04

A major intersection is a hot topic as residents call on the City of Tucson to install a HAWK crosswalk on Speedway and Beverly.

Residents say, drivers fail to stop for pedestrians on the crosswalk. 

For many of the pedestrians crossing Speedway and Beverly, they say, it's a trap. 

Benjamin Montgomery waited for an opportunity to cross the street as cars sped by. 

"I wish there was a light because I think it would make people stop instead of having the pedestrians wait until there was an opening."

One man in a wheelchair gave up on trying to cross the street and decided to go down the road to cross at the traffic light. 

While there are signs posted that say "Stop for pedestrians in crosswalk" - drivers don't abide.

Mary Slachter carefully crossed the street but other cars on the opposite lane didn't stop. 

KGUN 9 watched as three cars passed her as she was visibly in the middle of the crosswalk. 

One silver car nearly hit Mary.  

"What is going to take for us to get the city and public find the funds to get this crosswalk," said Slachter. 

Residents say the intersection of Speedway and Beverly needs a HAWK light to warn drivers from a distance that pedestrians are crossing. 

The Department of Transportation tells KGUN 9 that the intersection ranks #4 on their list to get a HAWK light. 

The intersections are ranked by:

  • crash history
  • fatalities
  • proximity to destinations

But the problem is there is no funding for the light. 

Steve Kozachik, councilman for Ward 6 says "it all comes down to money."

"When the budget is being cut, HAWK lights like this are part of the collateral damage."

The Transportation Department says each light costs $150,000. 

They tell KGUN 9 they don't know when they will install a light.