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Spacefest VII to bring dozens of astronauts to Tucson in three-day event

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-11 20:21:18-04
They walked on the moon and this weekend you can hear their experiences first hand. 
"You can catch them at the right time and actually have a conversation with them," said Simon Kregar, a local artist who represents the space art side of this year's Spacefestevent. 
Spacefest VII will take place June 10-12 at Starr Pass Resort and will feature more than 30 NASA astronauts, as well as authors, scientists and space artists.
This will be the fourth time the event has come to Tucson and will also include panels and book signings. It's also an extremely unique opportunity to interact and meet multiple Apollo mission astronauts, including Jim Lovell from the Apollo 8 and 13 missions. 
"Considering how old these guys are getting the youngest is 80," said Al Hallonquist, an Aerospace Historian representing the Spacefest event. "Charlie Duke was the youngest Apollo guy and he just turned 80."
Duke is one of four Moonwalkers who will attend the event along with Dave Scott, who conducted the hammer and feather experiment. 
"Often times you see these guys up on podiums you don't have interaction with them," said Kregar. "At this event, mind you it does get crowded at times for astronaut signings...but there are quiet times where they will just sit and talk to you."
And it's not just for science or space enthusiasts. Kregar and Hallonquist say combined with the art and history, there's something for everyone. 
"It's an amazing and rich heritage to our culture and that story, that's part of why this event exists is to celebrate that," said Kregar. 
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