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Some Uber and Lyft riders claim the companies are wrongfully charging them cleaning fees

Posted at 5:51 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 21:04:25-05

Uber and Lyft riders claim the companies charged them wrongfully for damage they say they didn't do. 

In Tucson, passenger Jon Katzen took a nine minute Uber ride home.

Katzen says he spoke with the rider the entire time and was sober, but when he got his receipt, there was a $150 cleaning fee and photos saying he vomited in the car.

Katzen says the photos don't show where the damage was nor the time, date or location.

The first investigation by Uber said the photos were accurate, but after multiple emails from Katzen, the company came back and said it wrongfully charged him.

Just this month, Justin Moy said he and a friend took a Lyft home. He said there were no liquids in the car, but wound up with a $65 cleaning fee for spilled liquid. 

"I am not trying to get anything for free, I don't want any credits, I don't want the ride for free," said Moy. "It was only $5 and I use the service I am okay paying for it,  but I am not going to pay for something I didn't do."

We reached out to Lyft, but they were not able to provide a comment in time for the story. 

Lyft's policy states when a driver reports damage, they have to send two clear photos of the damage, identifying information about the rider, and a description of how it happened within 24 hours. 

An Uber spokesperson says a driver must submit photos and details of the incident within 48 hours. 

Passengers have to dispute the charge with the company.