Should you take photos of the eclipse with your cellphone?

Many people will be outside trying to get a view of the eclipse, but should you try to capture the moment on your phone or camera?
KGUN spoke with renowned Astronomer Doctor David Levy who said don't bother.
"If this is the first eclipse you've ever seen, I strongly suggest you don't try to take pictures at all, and just enjoy it," said Levy.
"The problem with the cellphone cameras is that if you're just observing the partial phase of the eclipse, you really won't see anything. The reason you won't see anything on the camera is that it gives a very very small image of the sun. So the best way is to put the camera onto a protected telescope, and that could give you a very fine image."
If you do have a camera attached to a telescope, doctor levy reminds everyone to use an approved filter, so you don't burn out the camera.
Otherwise, Levy says to not waste your time trying to take a photo. Just put on protective eyewear and make it a memory.
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