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Scientists explain recent "Earthquake Swarm"

Posted at 5:28 PM, Apr 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-07 08:21:46-04

Northwest Arizona has been hit by nearly 20 earthquakes since March 29th. The tremors have ranged from magnitude 0.7 to magnitude 2.6.

The first quake had a 2.3 magnitude and happened just outside of Littlefield.

Lee Allison is the director of the Arizona Geological Survey, and has traced all of the recent earthquake activity. "It's really unusual for us to see that many earthquakes continuing over a period like that," Said Allison.
And, even though its unusual, Allison said this "earthquake swarm" is not a cause for alarm.
"We don't see any cause for worry. It's a very remote area. These are very small earthquakes, but there's always the potential that there's something larger looming out there. And by tracking the small quakes, we get a bigger picture of the potential for a large earthquake and how often it may occur," said Allison.
According to the Arizona Geological survey, the recent quakes are happening along two of the active faults in the area, but it's still uncertain still why so many keep occurring.
"It's more of a scientific phenomena, and it's helping us to understand the earthquake environment," said Allison.
In the case of this earthquake swarm, Allison said it's a reminder that Arizona is earthquake country too.