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"Dump the Pump" and save hundreds of dollars per month

Posted at 10:33 AM, Jun 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-15 13:33:41-04

Thursday is "Dump the Pump" day! Sun Tran and the Tucson Department of Transportation are partnering up to get you thinking about using public transit more often to save you some money.     

Transportation is the second biggest expense in the average American household, after housing costs. A two person household that down sizes to one car can save an average of $9,700 per year by incorporating public transit instead. A single person who ditches their car for public transit could save an average of up to $565 per month if he or she buys a bus pass instead.

This is community friendly too. Every $1 you spend on public transit gets a $4 economic return, and the majority of money spent on transit is invested back into the community for better transit.  

Environmental impact is also a reason to "Dump the Pump." A typical single passenger driver will produce 1.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year in their commute to work. Every car not on the road, prevents tons of greenhouse gas emissions.    

If you feel like using public transit isn't convenient for you, Sun Tran says start small and try a quick trip with a friend--even one trip saves you money on gas.