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Sahuarita Police: 3 arrested for trespassing incident at Walden Grove HS

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Posted at 3:38 PM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-13 18:38:18-04

SAHUARITA, Ariz. (KGUN) — Sahuarita Police have arrested three individuals after a trespassing incident at Walden Grove High School Friday.

Around 7:45 a.m., officers were informed that a group of seven adults and one student were on the property of the high school, the three arrested were among the group of individuals, according to SPD. The group wanted to speak with principal and staff about a student not being allowed on the campus due to the district's COVID-19 policy.

Allegedly, a student who was not being allowed on school property was possibly exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID, police say.The district's COVID-19 policy says, any person subject to exposure of COVID---is to isolate from school campus, and the number of days away from campus, depends on if the individual receives a negative COVID test.

After the school principal met with the group, they were asked to leave; however, the group "refused" to leave and continued to ask to meet with the principal, according to SPD. The principal informed them there would be no meeting for the remainder of the day, but that a separate meeting could be scheduled to discuss any concerns.

Police say the group wouldn't accept those terms and stayed on school property.

Police say the incident was filmed by the group and was reportedly on the phone with a lawyer while present on school property.

Police body cameras recorded footage and officers remained on campus to resolve the situation, according to SPD. Officers continued to inform the group that if they remained on school property, the circumstance may result in arrest(s) for trespassing.

According to SPD, there was no compliance from anyone in the group, including the juvenile.

The group was mainly in the lobby of the school business office, police say. School staff wanted trespassing enforced on the group for refusing to leave the school.

Police say the group was informed once again that they faced arrest for failing to leave the property.

A juvenile, a 48-year-old man, and a 46-year-old woman were arrested for trespassing, according to SPD. The three were later released.

The remaining adults left the property prior to the arrests.

There were no injuries reported in the incident.