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Residents outraged with HOA in Rancho Sahuarita

Posted at 10:26 PM, May 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-15 16:45:53-04
Residents in Rancho Sahuarita continue to fight back against their home owner's association. The backlash comes after the HOA told more than 2,600 people they needed to fix their homes. Those repairs could cost homeowners thousands of dollars.
After Nine On Your Side first aired the story last week, we received dozens of emails and phone calls, in addition to hundreds of comments on our Facebook page from residents who are outraged.
Thousands of residents in Rancho Sahuarita were told they needed to paint their homes. The problem is that some homeowners say their houses don't need it.
"Ill spend $10,000 on a lawyer before I spend $200 on paint," said resident, Dustin Hoeflinger.
Hoeflinger was one of those 2,600 people. 
"A lot of them aren't happy at all. I would say they range from being generally upset to downright angry."
The message comes from the homeowner's association, Associa Arizona. They say the letters were sent out to residents whose homes did not comply with their Community Wide Standards. 
"According to the letter they sent out, it's excessive peeling flaking chipping, and I'm looking at my house and I just don't see anything minor, let alone excessive."
Last week, Associa said in a statement, "If a homeowner feels they are in compliance, then we ask that they please contact Associa Arizona and set up a re-inspection, at which time photos will be taken to document any infractions."
But, when Hoeflinger called he said he had no luck .
"I asked very specific questions. 'Can i have a copy of the inspection, who did the inspection, and could my house be re-inspected in my presence?', and essentially I wasn't given any straightforward information on any of my questions and even to this day I haven't received a phone call back from them."
Residents also received letters saying their landscaping wasn't up to community standards. The letters also included a list of paint and landscaping companies offering discounts for their services. The letters state that residents have six months to fix landscaping violations and one year to address paint infractions.