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New reports released in death of 6-month-old

Posted at 10:12 PM, Mar 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 00:57:00-04

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) The Pima County Sheriff's Department has released more than 200 pages of records that detail conversations investigators had with the suspects facing murder charges in the death of a 6-month-old.

Autopsy results for Wyllow Brewer have not yet been made public, but detectives say she had signs of child abuse and injuries including an injured shoulder, bite marks on her legs, and bruising throughout her body.

Police reports show she also had a two inch laceration in her genital area, and it appeared that someone had grabbed the baby's thighs while the baby was on her back and pushed her legs apart.

Four people are facing charges in connection to the child's death including Wyllow's mother, Kylie Brewer, Brewer's live-in boyfriend Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr., and the couple's friend Kaylie Gossett. All three are facing first-degree murder and child abuse charges.

The fourth suspect, Brianna Raidy, was in court on Tuesday. She's facing second-degree murder and child abuse charges. A judge entered Raidy into a not guilty plea, and she was assinged a judge.

Raidy appeared through video court and is still behind bars. 

Wyllow died on February 19th.

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According to reports from PCSD, in the days before Wyllow's death, Brewer said she was in the hospital with pneumonia. She admitted to injecting meth the previous Tuesday, but said she's not addicted and uses the drug to help with the pain she has with scoliosis and other chronic issues. Brewer had told investigators she had recently had other health problems and had pneumonia before.

A few weeks before Wyllow's death, Brewer said she believes the child had hurt her shoulder when she got it caught in her crib.

Brewer commented that Wyllow would often have chapped skin on her face and she'd use an ointment for it, and sometimes the child scratched herself with her fingernails.

In an interview with detectives, Bogdanowich said, "I would treat her (Wyllow) like my daughter, but if Kylie says no to something that I suggest, she can technically say no, and I can't do anything about it." 

When asked about bruises on Wyllow's face, Bogdanowich said he believed they were from the child hitting herself and it was something he saw her do before. Bogdanowich said he had been working a lot in the last two months and claimed Gossett had been putting Wyllow to bed at night.

Kaylie Gossett told deputies she was always good with kids because her sister had children. She had no idea Wyllow had broken bones. When Gossett first met Wyllow, she said she was always a happy baby, but when she started helping out, the child changed and always had little scratches. 

While Brewer was in the hospital, Gossett was watching Wyllow and said she told Brewer to take the child to the hospital because she had a fever and was lethargic. 

Gossett said that Brewer seemed distant with Wyllow but Bogdanowich was always great with the child.

Since Brewer's initial arrest, she was arrested twice on drug charges and fraud charges.

A group called "Justice for Baby Wyllow" organized a vigil for the child, and hopes to build a memorial bench in her honor.

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