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Reid Park Zoo cares for baby Tamandua with critical growth

Posted at 9:42 PM, Feb 25, 2020

The Reid Park Zoo is caring for a baby tamandua behind the scenes who is in need of critical growth.

On December 21, Xochi the tamandua gave birth to a male pup, several days after birth he was sluggish and had lost more weight than in a typical post-birth, according to Reid Park Zoo.

Animal care staff has been providing supplemental feedings for the pup.

Multiple times a day members with the care professionals take the pup to the Zoo's Health Center to eat, where he is weighed before and after. A veterinarian also provides a physical exam to ensure the pup is in good condition.

The care team says the pup is now at a normal weight and is growing.

Reid Park Zoo says this is Xochi's third pup. The name for the pup is still being decided.

The tamanduas live behind the scenes at the Zoo, but guests do get to see the animals occasionally during educational presentations, and behind the scenes tours.