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Southside park gets major renovations

Posted at 4:09 PM, Apr 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-30 20:29:01-04
Children on the southside now have a new playground to climb, slide and swing on.
Residents near 36th Street and Kino Parkway say Pueblo Gardens Park had definitely needed a face-lift. 
On Saturday, Tucson's Parks and Recreation Department held a dedication ceremony to celebrate the newly funded upgrades. 
The park actually opened to the community months ago, but the city never got around to doing this kind of ceremony. Those in attendance told KGUN9, it was important for them to show it off and get the word out to families that there is a new place for them to play. 
The word - reaching Tony Silva, who said - his life is all about his family.
"We like to take the grandchildren. We have them every other weekend, so - we always take them to different parks," Silva explained.
He told us, his two grandchildren could not contain their excitement when they first saw the shiny structure.
Silva was at another park Saturday morning too, but he said - it was not up to par.
So, when he heard about the dedication online, he decided to check it out. 
"It's about time that we have these types of parks in these areas because it doesn't matter the status of a child," Silva said. "All children are the same."
That feeling is resonates with Tucson's Parks and Recreation Department. 
"I think it just brings a sense of community," said Administrator Glenna Overstreet. "A place for people to gather. Whether it's a mother with young children or kids on their own to have a place to come and play and to be able to play at all times of the day and evening."
All of the improvements came from a federal grant that gave the project $250,000 for the upgrades. 
The changes, also focusing on updates for the disabled, like accessible drinking fountains and sidewalks throughout the site. 
For Silva, he is thrilled to know he has a safe spot to keep these guys happy and active.
"This is a great park - I love it! Actually, it's the first time we've ever been to this one and we'll be back," Silva said with a smile.