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Candidates fighting for Arizona's delegates

Posted at 10:20 PM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 01:20:36-04

They are out to get the votes from people across the state of Arizona and in the next few days, nearly every presidential candidate will be coming to the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona's Presidential Preference Election is on Tuesday, so candidates are hoping to sway those undecided voters and capture the delegates up for grabs in our state, which is why casting your vote may be more important than ever. 

"This primary in Arizona is probably the most competitive one that we've had in quite some time," said Samara Klar. She is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Arizona. "That's evident by the fact of that the candidates are coming out here and paying attention to the voters in Arizona."
Klar explained that in recent presidential elections, the nominees have usually already been decided at this point in the game. Arizona is known to have a 'late' election when it comes to presidential picks. 
But, now - voters here in this state are actually getting the chance to be apart of deciding who may get the nomination. 
"Although, it also represents the fact that there is no consensus candidate and if there is no consensus candidate... Then, somebody else can step in and decide who the best candidate is," Klar said. 
She thinks the candidates are swarming our state, most likely, as a plan to push voters to get out to the polls, but it is not necessarily a plot to switch their allegiance. 
"Let's say for the sake of argument, you are a Trump supporter, but your not really that interested in voting," Klar explained. "Meeting Donald Trump, attending his rally could be the last straw that encourages you to actually vote. So, what they're trying to do is increase turn-out."