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Pokemon Go brings in sales for businesses

Posted at 3:23 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 20:51:14-04

Since Pokemon Go launched last week, Tucson businesses have noticed an increase in sales from players walking into stores looking for Pokemon.

These companies are taking advantage of the opportunity and giving discounts to users who show the app on their phone.

"We have had groups of kids come in from either the skate park down the street, walking in trying to get those Pokemon," explained Joel Lipp, Autobahn Indoor Speedway's general manager. "We are trying to engage them and trying to grab them and put them in carts and give them an opportunity to race."

The speedway gives a two dollar discount on a single ride, while Shot in the Dark Cafe takes off 50 cents to every purchase. 

"I had to wave through 20 people that were out front and it was all kids," said Antonio Windom, Shot in the Dark's co-owner. "They came in and they bought coffees and sandwiches." 

The game has Poke-stops located all around town showcasing historical landmarks, but most are near businesses.

"When you are forced to go out, it's a little trigger for your mind like, 'Oh there is something shiny I might like' or 'I definitely need to get this done,"" said Christopher Bell, a Pokemon Go player.

As of today, Pokemon Go is the number one downloaded app with over 21 million active users. 

"The integration of pop culture and keeping your business alive and evolving together, being involved in the community is quite essential to any business," said Windom.

Some additional businesses offering specials for Pokemon Go players are Vibrance Lighting, Teavana and The Hut.