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Peter Howell Neighborhood residents fed up with road conditions

Posted at 5:34 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 21:19:02-04

Peter Howell Neighborhood residents are fed up with their road conditions. 

The neighborhood goes from Alvernon and Speedway to Broadway and Columbus. 

Half the neighborhood is newly paved, while the other half is frustrating residents who drive on cracked pavement. 

"I would appreciate it if they would fix up the paving in here," said Charley Etchells, a Peter Howell Neighborhood resident. 

Etchells built his home in 1967. He says the roads were new then, and now they need to be fixed. 

"Well they are pretty torn up what you can see here, even the curbs are uneven which either they are coming up or coming down I don't know which," he said.

Council Member Steve Kozachik says the number one issue that comes up in every meeting he attends is road improvement. 

Kozachik explained that this election voters have to decide if they want to pay more to fix the roads. 

"We can't keep relying on the state to fix this for us," he said. "They cut HURF funding and the gas tax money is a quarter of a century out of date."

He said the answer to fixing this issue is by increasing sales tax. 

"Do you want the roads fixed? Do you want public safety vehicles taken care of? If the answer to that is yes, here is one option," he said. "It's a half-cent sales tax."

If voters approve the half-cent increase, he says it is projected to raise fifty million dollars.