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PCSD Fraud Scandal: Two sheriffs requested funds

Posted at 7:58 PM, Jun 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 15:33:15-04

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in RICO funds used inappropriately by the Pima County Sheriff's Department could be the center of a new investigation.

KGUN 9 is still waiting to hear from the new Pima County Sheriff, Mark Napier, on whether he will ask for a state investigation.
A startling revelation by the former Chief Deputy Chris Radtke in federal court.
Radtke admitted he played a part in a money laundering scheme that scanned nearly two decades.
He "became involved in the practice roughly six years ago while assigned as the Administrative Services Division Commander." He confessed "his superiors explained to him" how the scheme worked so the "Sheriff's department could use the funds free of any restrictions." 
Who were they, his superiors? 
PCSD Organizational Charts covering 10 years show two people -- Sheriff Clarence Dupnik -- and Chief of Staff Brad Gagnepain, who killed himself after being questioned by the FBI.
The US Attorney prosecuting the case confirmed Gagnepain played a key part in the scheme and others were involved.
"Multiple police officers including those in higher leadership positions. But we didn't have the evidence against them," said Asst. U.S. Attorney David Backman.



What do the records reveal about Dupnik's involvement?
Documents show he requested the transfer of RICO money into the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers of Tucson.
Radtke told the court that he "approved internal Sheriff Department memos requesting RICO funds."

No other details were given. We didn't find any memos requesting RICO money with his signature in the stack of documents KGUN9 received.
We did we discover 12 memos sent to the Pima County Attorney's Office requesting RICO money to fund the SAV.
Only two command staff names appear on all those requests over seven years.
First, Sheriff Dupnik. One of the memos to the Deputy County Attorney shows a request for $75,000. Documents included the check made out to the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers. Records reveal Dupnik requested a total of $558,000 from 2010 to July of 2014. His signature stamped on the memos.
Then Chris Nanos took over the task -- first as chief deputy and then sheriff -- requesting nearly $210,000 in 2015 and 2016.  One of the requests for $150,000. His initials appear on memos.
KGUN9 recently reached out to both Nanos and Dupnik after receiving all the documents, but we haven't received a response.
Before the indictment, Dupnik and Nanos vehemently denied any misuse of RICO funds under their leadership. We are still waiting to hear from the new sheriff Mark Napier, who is considering asking for a state investigation.
KGUN 9 is continuing to dig into the mountain of documents to find out how this had gone on for so long and all those who had been involved.