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PC Sheriff's Corruption Scandal: Unions react to secret recordings

PCSD: Unions react to secret recordings
Posted at 4:59 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-06 20:26:09-04
Airdate: September 3, 2017
Reaction from the two Pima County Sheriff's unions on the public corruption scandal that spanned two decades. The boards weigh in on secret audio recordings about the Attorney General's probe.
Both union responses follow our investigation into the more than half a million dollar money laundering case that was first in the hands of the FBI and is now being investigated by the AZ Attorney General's office. We obtained secret audio recordings that capture Napier speaking candidly with a lieutenant about the AG probe. 
Lt. Joseph Cameron is a veteran cop who recorded two candid conversations with Sheriff Mark Napier back in July. Napier not only said the Attorney General didn't want to touch the case: "They had no intention nor did they have any desire. In fact, they think it's silly. I know I look a little bit stupid honestly for even asking them."
The sheriff also said all his chiefs, who Napier appointed to the top spots, admitted to him they misused RICO funds. Napier told Cameron, "They admit to me that. Now whether that's criminal or administratively bad."
The two unions responded with two different messages. 
The president of The Fraternal Order of Police wrote to Napier: "It is currently perceived that you and/or other members of this department have information about this misuse of public funds and have chosen to only hold those accountable that stood in the way of your current position." The union president wrote he's "anticipating a response on alleged inaction to hold other department members responsible."
The Pima County Deputy Sheriff's Association chairman tells KGUN9 -- in a letter -- that he supports Napier's decision to wait until the AG conducts it's criminal investigation though the union had hoped for an administrative review by the state Auditor General.