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Online shopping: How to protect yourself

A big problem expected to be even bigger in 2020
Posted at 6:37 AM, Dec 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-20 10:37:39-05

A lot of us shop online. And some of us regret it, after not getting what we ordered.

It's one of the biggest complaints of 2019 and expected to be just as big in 2020.

Like a local gift card company, Cardflip, that says it buys and sells unused gift cards.

But we found they had hundreds of reviews saying the cards were bad or people never got money for cards they sold.

Karen came to us about something she ordered from a different business in Tempe. She says she spent $50 for socks from Affordable Compression Socks.

Karen says she couldn't get the socks over her foot but couldn't get the company to give her an exchange.

She says after trying to get a refund through the bank, and the company fighting it, she decided to let us know.

After seeing similar reviews for the business with the Better Business Bureau, we went to their Tempe office wanting answers.

They tell us they had customer service problems, put a new person in charge and are addressing complaints like the one Karen has.

Two weeks later, Karen says she got an email from them.

But she says she didn't get money back by the time this story aired.

The BBB says one in five complaints last year involved online purchasing scams.

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