Nightfall begins in Old Tucson

TUCSON, Ariz. - A month-long event promised to bring thrills, chills and spooks is beginning in Old Tucson.

Nightfall 2018 kicks off Friday at 6 p.m. for its first night of fright, after hours of planning and rehearsals.

With pyroblast, character immersion and plenty of spooks, the movie studio is sure to give you a scare. Since March, the team at Old Tucson has been working on developing scripts and production for this year's event.

Just this past week, they were holding rehearsals to fine-tune their live performances, which even includes a stunt show.

"Every single person in every department is a part of making Nightfall work," Tiffany Anne B. of Old Tucson Studios said. "Everyone from the cashiers to the entertainers to the tech behind the scenes -- it takes everyone to put on the shows and make it that experience for the guests."

There's an exclusive, opening night price on Friday -- $20 for adults, as opposed to the standard $29.50 the rest of the season.

Visit for additional ticketing and event information.

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