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Off-campus complex to be first to install EV chargers

Posted at 12:36 AM, May 03, 2021

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — You won't find electric vehicle chargers everywhere, but that doesn't stop people from embracing the emerging technology.

"I think it's fantastic that young people are becoming more involved in the EV world," said Tip Carter.

Long Le is one of those young people.

He's a sophomore at the University of Arizona, he also lives at the Stone Avenue Standard apartments.

"They're bringing a charger and I'm so excited for that because I know now I don't have to go around to charge my car. I could literally stay here and charge it," Le said.

It's the next place in the city where EV or electric vehicle charges are being installed.

"We've got chargers downtown at both campuses, U of A and Pima College."

Carter also drives an EV and he's a member of "TEVA" or Tucson Electric Vehicle Association.

It's a group of electric vehicle owners who are petitioning for the installation of more chargers.

"Students don't have access to EV chargers because they don't live in single-family homes, they live either in dorms or student apartment communities like ours," said Oliver Swan.

Swan is a managing member of this student apartment complex.

Commercial customers like this complex can get a 75 percent rebate from Tucson Electric Power toward the purchase of these chargers.

"So we wanted to reduce those barriers to EV ownership among students," Swan said.

Carter said it's encouraging the city is helping to install more chargers, but says he'd like to see more of them in more places.

"Apartment complexes, schools, shopping malls."

Long agrees.

"Eventually I hope in the future all gas stations become electric vehicle car."