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Nogales mayor weighs in on border wall and immigration

Posted at 5:48 PM, Feb 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 19:48:18-05
Nogales mayor John Doyle says President Trump's executive order to construct a wall is a slap in the face.
Mayor Doyle believes building a wall is not the answer to strengthening our countries. 
"One thing the President of the administration needs to realize that there are over six million jobs on the U.S. side that depend directly on just trading directly with Mexico and the jobs they create."
Mayor Doyle asks President Trump to be more considerate about the southwestern border. 
"When he says something to consider what he says because for us it can have you know not ripples, but sometimes it can be a tsunami for coming down on us," he explained.
Regarding plans to build a border wall, he says it's an insult to Mexico. 
"The barriers already in place are doing the job and a wall is not going to improve anything, it is just going to be like I said another slap in the face," said Mayor Doyle. "The last thing we want is to start a war of national pride. Where the citizens feel on both sides that one is trying to take advantage of the other and they said this and they said this and then they start retaliating with words."
He says since President Trump's executive orders, nearly half the people in Nogales are fearful to be in the United States.
Mayor Doyle says he welcomes President Trump to visit Nogales so he can see the reality of life on the border.