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Nogales homeowner cleaning up after storm flooding

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-21 01:08:26-04

Homeowners in Nogales are cleaning after storms hit the area hard.  On Oak Drive in Nogales, one of those properties flooded.

The water filled up the yard of one Nogales woman, about 4-feet, that flooded her home and yard.
Denise Ojeda wasn't home at the time.
Her neighbors called her to tell her she needed to rush home from work to see the flooding. She said she didn't believe them, so she called her fiancee. 
"I called him and asked is everything okay?" Ojeda said. "He said no, it's not okay, and I rushed from work over."
When Ojeda got there, she was stunned. 
"When I saw water I thought I'm going to lose my home, everything that I have, all of my belongings," she said. "And I mean, my home is my life, you know?"
Her mother, Carmen, showed up to help clean up with the family. She said she's never seen anything like this happen in such a short amount of time.
"Watch out. Because in a matter of minutes, things can happen," she said.
There is some damage inside -- floors soaked, belongings drenched -- but not everything was ruined, and the house still stands.
Despite a traumatic event, she's finding a positive in all of this. 
"I'm happy because me and my son are okay, which is most important, and these are all material things. So, I really thank god that we are okay, and that we weren't home at the time. If we were home, I do not know what could have happened if we were here."
Next comes talks with the insurance company to figure out their next move.