New TUSD board president could bring big changes

TUSD board newcomer Rachael Sedgwick takes her seat for this first time after her surprise win in the November election. Cam Juarez lost his re-election bid.
In a special meeting, Sedgwick and incumbents Kristel Foster and Mark Stegeman took the oath of office. The board also unanimously voted Michael Hicks in as president. Mark Stegeman is voted in as clear in a 3-2 split.
Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster have assumed those roles for four straight years. Board member Michael Hicks has charged that the board had been severely divided votes commonly result in a 3-2 split with the board majority, comprised of Grijalva, Juarez and Foster, siding with the administration. 
Now with Sedgwick in she anticipates she'll be a swing vote.
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