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New street lights coming to Midvale Park

Posted at 6:57 PM, Apr 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-06 14:50:43-04

A dark Tucson neighborhood will soon be seen in a different light. For about 10 years, residents have been advocating for street lights along a busy road in Midvale Park.

Oak Tree Drive near Valencia Road has seen dozens of car crashes over the last several years. On Tuesday, the Pima County Board of Supervisors approved using bond money to help light up the street.

During the day, it seems like just another busy road. But, when the sun goes down, half of Oak Tree Drive is left in the dark. 

"The part that's lit looks great, hasn't had any crashes," said Joseph Miller, president of the Midvale Park Neighborhood Association.  "The part that's dark, that's where we've had an obscene amount of crashes."
The city started installing lights on Oak Tree Drive between Valencia and Drexel several years ago. They then ran out of funding and couldn't finish. Tucson police say the street had 26 car accidents just last year.
Multiple cars have slammed into brick walls and even some homes along the road. 
At Tuesday's board of supervisors meeting, county officials unanimously approved putting more than $135,000 toward new street lights. The money comes from funds left over from the 2004 Neighborhood Reinvestment Bond Project.
District 5 County Supervisor Richard Elias released this statement to Nine On Your Side today.

The bond-funded Neighborhood Reinvestment Program has helped communities like Midvale address their most basic infrastructure needs, such as street lights and sidewalks. This is the power of voter-approved bonds and the good that comes out of investing in our own community."

Residents hope the new lights will make a big difference in keeping their neighborhood safe. 

"This isn't a back street road," said Miller. "This is a road where people are paying attention, it's being taken care of and I think when people are in those situations they mind their p's and q's a little bit and I think that's really going to help the safety of the area as well."
The Midvale Park Neighborhood Association is set further discuss the lights at their meeting at their next meeting Thursday night.