National Institute for Civil Discourse to call on President to denounce hate groups, unite Americans

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - On Thursday, a group with Arizona ties is set to criticize President Trump for his press conference.

The National Center for Civil Discourse was established at the U of A and in Washington, D.C., after the January 8 shootings. 
The board, with includes Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton will release a statement tomorrow calling on the President to denounce hate groups and unite Americans. 
Dr. Brint Milward, is one of the group's board members and also the Director of the School of Government and Public Policy at the U of A. 
He says America is heading down a dangerous path. 
"But the notion of people being killed and the notion of people being beaten to within an inch of their life seems relatively, if not new in the U.S. It's worrisome that it's coming back at this time."
Milward says some Americans live in a "filter bubble" and only consume news they agree with which he says can lead to anxiety and stress when they are exposed to other ideas.
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