MoviePass is rolling out surge pricing during peak movie times

TUCSON, Ariz. - MoviePass subscribers, listen up.

The monthly subscription service is adding surge pricing for in-demand times and films at the movie theater.

Right now, you can see one movie a day for $10 a month, but that bargain price will now no longer apply to all titles and times.

For example, a nighttime showing of the latest blockbuster could cost users a few extra dollars to book, and MoviePass will tip customers to when surge pricing is added for a particular show. The fees will range from $2 to $6, depending on the film.

MoviePass indicates which movies are affected by peak pricing by including a red lightning icon above the specific showtime.

You'll also be warned that a movie may be entering peak pricing soon with a gray lightning icon.

In order to bypass these new fees, MoviePass plans to release a new "Peak Pass" subscription plan in the coming weeks. 

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